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 For the best professional roof valley repairs in Kildare, please contact GJP Roofing LTD today.

Valley Repairs

GJP Roofing LTD offers our property owners all over Kildare the best in Valley repair services. Valleys are the joining parts that connect the roof's different sections to one another. These valleys can be damaged due to extreme weather, wear and tear or simply the degrading of materials due to age. Our Naas based roofing experts can quickly and professionally repair valleys in large and small properties.
Our highly trained roofers have extensive experience repairing all types of damage to roof valleys. The vast majority of our valley repairs include:

A total inspection of the roof to find the nature of the roof valley damage

Complete reinstallation and replacement of damaged flashing

The replacement of flashing, broken tiles or guttering around a valley


For the best in professional roof valley repair and maintenance, contact GJP Roofing LTD today.

Valley Repairs FAQ

How do I know if my roof valley requires a repair?

If you notice a leak in your home or an expanding damp stain, this may be a sign that your roof valley is damaged. If from the ground you see that the tiles around the valley are damaged, or the flashing looks to be loose, it’s clear your valley needs to be repaired.

Why do roof valleys leak?

Some of the primary reasons for roof valley leaking are:


- Broken Flashing

- Aging Roofing Materials

- Damaged Roofing Membrane

- Strong Winds

- Thermal Expansion

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